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We are currently seeking talent.

Our goal is innovation in nutrition and medicine by providing personalized solutions to improve weight loss and health. Through our experiences, we know this requires individuals that are self-driven and passionate about what they do and the impact they can have rather than how their experience or skills alone fit within a system.
We are seeking innovative, independent and dynamic team members, preferably with experience gained in academic or industry, to join a transformative movement within Integrative Phenomics to shape the way we develop medicines and nutrition.

If you are

Looking for innovation and impact: You are willing to challenge existing paradigms and test your novel hypotheses while maintaining an eye on the horizon to deliver solutions to consumers.
Collaborative and communicative: We work in cross-functional teams to deliver research-based innovations. Being able to speak a common professional “language” with colleagues is a necessity
Creative and curious: A willingness to dig into the data and explore is of utmost important to deliver new ideas and hypotheses. Going beyond a job title or description is critical to understand how you are part of the big picture

If this sounds like you, come join us (

Ego-free: power brokers need not apply