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16 October 2020

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are a hot topic in nutrition and health. They are popularly thought to have great potential in improving gut health, reducing risk of some diseases, or balancing the […]
6 October 2020
Group of Friends Eating Healthfully

Can You Achieve a Perfect Microbiome?

The microbiome is a collection of bacteria residing primarily in our digestive tract that plays a huge role in health promotion and disease prevention. We know that diseases […]
24 September 2020
Mental Health may be impacted by the individual microbiome makeup.

Your Second Brain: Your Gut’s Impact on Mental Health

Have you heard of the gut-brain axis? Or perhaps heard the phrase “the gut is a second brain?” Research is continually linking the gut microbiome with mental […]
23 September 2020
GI diseases can be debilitating. Targeted microbiome therapies may help.

Fecal Transplant: A Potential Therapeutic Target

It may sound unusual, but fecal transplants have been found to be a valuable therapeutic strategy for multiple medical situations. Fecal samples from healthy individuals can be processed and used […]
22 September 2020
Severe Obesity is Associated with a Disrupted Microbiome

Microbiome Changes with Weight Loss Surgery

More and more studies are showing a strong connection between obesity and the gut microbiome. One team recently found that severe obesity is associated with a distressed gut […]
21 September 2020
Diverse group of people together in an office space

Causal Effects Between the Microbiome and Disease

Investigations of links between the gut microbiome and specific diseases tend to have a causality problem: it’s unclear whether an altered microbiome contributes to the disease […]
16 September 2020

Weight Bias and the Stigma of Obesity: A Call to Action

A consensus statement and pledge were recently released from a group of international scientific organizations regarding weight bias and the treatment of those with obesity. This type of […]
14 September 2020
Petri dish with Bacteria

Microbiome 101

The microbiome. Probiotics. Gut health. You have probably seen or heard these terms a lot recently. The microbiome is a hot topic in nutrition, and for good […]